Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Introduction to the Blog-o-whateverthefuckyouallcallit

It would appear to some that there are an awful lot of these bloody blogs out there; this would probably be true.

However, with current events being the way they are - what with people getting shot at, blown up, tortured, denied basic needs (not to mention deprived of rights and dignity), and basically fucked from behind with cattle prods, it's quite easy to see that not only are we killing ourselves off at wonderful rates, we're as inefficient as ever at doing so.

This concerns your humble blogger, who would much rather see full-scale death and destruction in a timely and organized fashion (if for nothing else than to give college students and New Yorkers somewhere to park, provided they don't mind the debris and disembowelment) and has as a result devoted about twenty minutes every few days or so to offering ways to streamline the process of satisfying our insatiable urge to lay waste to one another.

If you have a fascination with weapons of all different shapes and sizes, from torture practices and tools to nuclear weaponry, this blog is for you.
If you are concerned at the terrible expense of killing brown people one by one, if you can't help but wonder how 'smart-bombing' the wrong bloody target is smart, if you've ever wondered just how friendly 'friendly fire' can really be, if you've ever wondered how much less 'collateral damage' we'd have to hear about if we got back into the habit of labeling maps with 'Here Be Dragons' a la 14th-century navigators... even if you just wish we'd be a bit more economical when it comes to blowing shit up for the sake of the children who may actually pay for it (assuming that we do not in the near future begin to wage a 'War on Fucking Big Numbers'), this blog is for you. If you just fucking hate people, too, this blog is for you.

If none of the above apply to you, stick around - maybe I won't have to kill you.

Here's to Teller,